Namie Town at a Glance

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Namie Reconstruction Report - Recovery from the triple disaster in 2011 - (January 2017)  [PDFファイル/3.57MB]

About the town

- Namie Town (Namie-machi) is completely within the exclusion zone imposed after TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident in March 2011. The original evacuation order is still in effect, and no one is allowed to reside in the town.

- The town is divided according to radiation levels into three areas: (A) Areas for which evacuation orders are ready to be lifted; (B) Areas in which residents are not permitted to reside; and (C) Areas where it is expected that former residents will face difficulties in returning for a long time. Day-time visits are allowed in areas (A) and (B).

namie town map

- The closest distance between Namie-machi and the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is approximately four kilometers. The Namie-machi town hall is about eight kilometers away and the Tsushima branch office is about 30 kilometers away from the Plant.

- The radiation level around the Namie-machi town hall, located in area (A), is about 0.1 micro-SV/hour.

- Area (A), where 40% of the population used to live, includes the tsunami-devastated land. Namie has designated area (A) as the core of the town's reconstruction plan.

- The reconstruction plan assumes that the evacuation order will be lifted in March 2017. The review committee's report submitted to the town in March 2016 describes 16 policies which need to be realized before the order lift. 

- Since November 1, 2016, former regidents who plan to return are allowed to stay in town upon registration to prepare for the evacuation order lift. 

- In areas (A) and (B), the following operations are ongoing:
  • Full-scale decontamination
  • Incineration of burnable tsunami debris
  • Rebuilding infrastructure such as roads, water lines, and sewers

Also in areas (A) and (B), a few businesses have resumed operation and the number of these is slowly increasing. In October 2016, a temporary shopping archade has opened with 10 shops in front of the town hall. 

Some of the town's municipal functions have also returned to the original town hall (the remaining functions are still located in the temporary office in Nihonmatsu City). Test planting of certain agricultural products such as rice, vegetables, and flowers has begun.

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About the people

- Namie-machi's pre-disaster population (from resident registration records) was approximately 21,400. The current number of registered residents in Namie-machi is about 18,500.

- Seventy percent of the Namie-machi evacuees are currently living within Fukushima prefecture, with the remaining thirty percent outside, scattered among 46 other prefectures.

- There are 30 locations around Fukushima where temporary housing units were built for Namie-machi evacuees and 2,300 people are still living in those units.

- According to a survey conducted in September 2016, 17.5% of Namie-machi evacuees intend to return to the town after the evacuation order is lifted, 28.2% are undecided, and 52.6% have decided not to return.

- The town's reconstruction plan assumes the population immediately after the evacuation order is lifted will be 5,000, or 2,500 households. This number includes those who would maintain two households, only one of which is in Namie-machi.

- The town has opened support offices at seven locations nation-wide where specialized staff are assisting Namie-machi evacuees currently residing in those regions.

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